Take a look at our new clinic

A new facility for our staff and patients!

The exciting new redevelopment of our Physiotherapy clinic started on the 1st June 2021. Our new clinic will include a complete facelift of the existing building and the construction of a Rehab Pod: a gym area with the latest equipment to assist patients in their rehabilitation and recovery. We are also introducing new rehab classes.

Classes will include:

  • Stretch
  • Pilates including floor and Reformer
  • Yoga
  • Aged balance and mobility
  • Rehab and maintenance classes – for patients who rehab better when they are part of a group or need encouragement!
  • Targeted classes for back, shoulder, and knee rehab.

How does it affect you in the short term?

Drury Physiotherapy will still be open throughout the construction process, which will be done in two stages. Stage 1 will see the construction of the new Rehab Pod building. Once that is completed, Stage 2 will start on the renovation the existing building. During Stage 2, we will use the new Rehab Pod building for a temporary reception area and treatment rooms.

Parking will be still available in the area between Great South Road and the existing building carpark.