Getting your winter sporting injuries sorted

This time of year sees the winter club sport season nearing its completion. The tired bodies & minds that have been fighting it out through the season are going to get their chance to have a much needed rest. Similar, to the athletes that play in professional codes, the weekend warrior often plays along with a few niggles that miraculously improve each Saturday with adrenaline and competitive instinct. Now with the season drawing to a close, they can get the niggles finally fixed up.

Whether it is the stiff back or neck, the tight hamstring or painful shoulder, persisting injuries can become much bigger problems if not attended to now. Muscle imbalances that occur due to injury or compensating for an injury may lead to weakness and inflexibility of muscles and then to instability of joints.

It is very easy to say, “a bit of rest will settle this injury”, but often these niggles resurface at the start of the next season because the problem never fully recovered. Scar tissue can form around tears and this can restrict muscle activity and power or result in stiffness to joints.

Getting an assessment performed and then a suitable treatment or management plan put in place will help greatly to overcome your aches and pains. Incorporating your personal fitness/sporting goals into a rehab program can be another benefit so you come back ‘stronger & fitter’ for your next sporting adventure. Whether it is a team sport or an individual sport or athletic pursuit that you do, now is the window to ‘refuel’ and get your warrant of fitness sorted!

shoulder support for rugby