Welcome to J Marr Physiotherapy


With the announcement of national Level 3 and 4 status on 23/03/2020, we have had to temporarily cease our services in the clinic until the status returns to level 1 or 2.

However, we know our patients still require our physiotherapy services and new injuries will still occur even in self-isolation and during this period of physical distancing.

Until the level returns to 1 or 2, we are offering online Telehealth services for injury assessments, treatment advice, exercise programs, and referrals. These appointments are a great way to continue your rehabilitation during the lockdown. We can assess your injury and will provide you with personalised exercise programs designed to target your injury.

If you are in need of urgent advice or an appointment please call the clinic (092947062) or book online through the link above.

For more on our response to Covid-19, please click here.

We offer specialist services for the treatment of many conditions – from acute and chronic back complaints and sports injuries, to muscle strains and headaches. Attentive treatment from our experienced physiotherapists will greatly assist your recovery.

Our Drury physio clinic is situated in close proximity to the southern motorway, allowing easy access and plenty of off-street parking. We also have a clinic available in Clevedon for your convenience. In addition to our usual physiotherapy services, we also offer work hardening ACC programmes, industrial injury prevention lectures/ programmes and sport strapping seminars.

We look forward to being of assistance to you should you become injured or require advice.

Jeff Marr
Director, Physiotherapist – NZRP, MNZSP, DipMT, PgradCertHSc (Sports Medicine)