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Jaymar Brace - Shoulder Support

The JAYMAR Shoulder support has been designed to assist primarily sports people who have suffered an anterior dislocation or subluxation of their Shoulder. Tried and tested over 20 years in some of the world's toughest contact sports the support has provided sportsmen and women confidence to return and remain in their chosen sport at whatever level they choose.

The shoulder support is made from incredibly strong materials, dedicated to preventing the arm from reaching the position where instability occurs. It is easy to wear and easily laundered to maintain it's condition.

Gus Collins“I have been wearing the Jaymar Brace for 6 years now (the first brace for 5 years at 35 odd games per year). I would honestly say it is a must for people with shoulder issues. I have had 2 shoulder reconstructions in 01 and 02 and would not step into any contact training or game without wearing it.”

Justin Collins (Blues Super Rugby Player, 1998-2009)



Uses of the JAYMAR Support

SPORTS - Provides strong support for the shoulder to a wide range of sports, i.e. Rugby, League, Netball, Football, Basketball, Cycling, Hockey, Skiing (water and snow) etc. In fact most sports imaginable can be practically participated in whilst wearing the support. The support is worn by many SANZAR Super 15 and International Rugby players.

REHABILITATION - During the rehabilitation phase following subluxation or dislocation injury to the shoulder, the JAYMAR brace can be used to prevent further injury and provide stability. Once muscle strengthening commences, the support can continue to be worn providing safe movement for the exercises to be performed, and together with the adjustment of the arm band, can incorporate progressions in movement and stability.

Shoulder instability requires a progressive strengthening programme to fully rehabilitate. It is recommended that all injured shoulders have received medical assessment / treatment according to their severity, prior to wearing the JAYMAR support and participating in sport.

Colin Slade with Shoulder Brace“I have a been using a JAYMAR shoulder brace for the last 4 years. I find that the shoulder brace gives me added confidence as it stops my shoulder from going into dangerous positions; helping prevent injury. So much so that I have yet to play a game of rugby without it over this period. I have no hesitation in suggesting this product for anyone with a history of shoulder problems.

Colin Slade, professional Rugby Player (Crusaders 2009/10, Highlanders 2011, All Black 2010)

About the JAYMAR Support

All supports are custom made and can be supplied with single or bilateral arm bands. The custom support affords exact fitting, thereby allowing further protection from injury.

Made from quality webbing materials and Velcro, the support is lightweight, easy to wear, yet extremely strong. Special neoprene strips on the arm and chest band helps prevent slippage of the band on skin while providing comfort. Choose from a range of colours.

Jaymar Shoulder Brace

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