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The staff at J.Marr Physiotherapy treat many patients who injure themselves in the work place. Normally, as part of their treatment plan, the physiotherapist will give advice on injury prevention. This sort of prevention assists considerably in the ongoing well being of the patient in the work place. Taking this point further involves the physiotherapist visiting the work-site to assess working conditions or postures that are common and possibly injury provoking.

Our staff are also available to visit corporate work sites and deliver injury prevention lectures or advice to workers. These visits range from one to one and a half hours and may involve topical advice such as lifting, stretching, back care, repetitive injuries and work place postures. Our lectures follow a structured format; from detailing different injury scenarios to basic anatomy and biomechanics, followed by a practical component that is specific to the requirements of the work place. This may involve sitting postures and prevention strategies for office workers or lifting techniques, prevention strategies and first aid advice for more manual workers.

Having structured injury prevention and reporting systems in place is a valuable tool for any business. Early detection and treatment of minor problems can save businesses thousands of dollars in future lost productivity and insurance payments. J.Marr Physiotherapy is able to develop such systems for businesses.

A typical system may include;


  • Visit the work place environment to assess the different work stations and identify potential injury concerns.
  • Review previous injury statistics for patterns.
  • Rate injury identified areas and plan strategies for injury prevention.
  • Appropriate lectures/workshops for workers/ team leaders to inform of injury risks.
  • Report detailing potential injury risks and preventative measures taken.


  • Create platform for early injury reporting and appropriate management.
  • J.Marr Physiotherapy consultation for assessment/ advice/ rehabilitation.
  • Creation of home/ work programme for self-management and continuity in the work place.
  • Create communication pathways for early assessment.
  • Initiate onward referral for other medical services if required.


  • J.Marr Physiotherapy lecture/ workshop to workers.
  • Development of worker specific strengthening/ fitness programmes.
  • Review ongoing statistics for prevention effectiveness.
  • Regular reviews with workers to maintain prevention effectiveness.
  • Report detailing potential injury risks and preventative measures taken.


  • Initiate referral to appropriate medical specialist.
  • Early J.Marr Physiotherapy consultation for assessment/ advice/ rehabilitation.
  • Rehab fitness and strength to return/ maintain worker in workplace environment.
  • Progress Reports to workplace.

Prevention of injuries is always more cost effective than the continual loss in productivity when workers are regularly injured through poor hazard and early injury identification. Knowing that your staff can access expert physiotherapy care if they are injured and the knowledge that one provider is managing your staff’s care is invaluable to any business. Our previous involvements with businesses have shown to have resulted in a positive outcome from risk education to early injury assessment and appropriate management of injuries.

Contact us for a tailor made work place physio solution for your business. Prices range from the Workplace Postural Assessment through to the Injury Systems model detailed above.


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