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"I have been fortunate enough in the last few years to gain entry into both the New York Marathon in 2008 and Chicago Marathon in 2010. However on both occasions I was struck down with leg injuries weeks out from these events. I was resigned to the fact that I may never get a chance again to run New York so I called on Jeff and the team to see if they could help. I was impressed with the personnel interest that Jeff showed and without him I am confident I would not have competed, let alone finished in 3.46, after missing weeks of training.

"Two years later I was three weeks out from the Chicago marathon and tore a calf muscle - once again immediately called on the team at Drury to help me out.

"I am confident without the guidance and persistence of Jeff and the rest of the team there, I would not have completed these two world class events, for that I am grateful."
- Mark Haydon

"I have enjoyed participating in The Pink Pilates Programme and want to thank you for the opportunity to be involved. It has made a huge difference to my outlook, health and wellbeing. I appeciate the time, effort and expertise given to me by Julia and her welcoming friendly disposition. The skills and techniques she has shown me have been very encouraging and have given me a more positive outlook on the future. Thankyou Julia."
- Christine Clarke

"Wow! Amazing what a difference it has made to me. I came in walking like a banana and now I'm walking tall and strong. The Pink Pilates Programme gave me “permission” to stretch and strengthen, whereas before I was scared to do anything in case it was detrimental to my recovery. Pink Pilates has bought me back to being “normal”! I cant thank Julia Marr of J Marr Physiotherapy, Drury enough for all her help, patience, support, for listening to me and making me laugh."
- Kathy Peszynski

"During the last couple of years I have needed physiotherapy for back and leg injuries. Andrea at J Marr Physiotherapy helped me get back to work and ensured that I was well enough to travel to Europe. In addition, as a result of her work I am now running again and moving without pain. The whole team at J Marr Physiotherapy have been great to deal with and are committed to helping their clients return to active living again. Thanks Jeff and all your staff."
- David Tennent

"I have been wearing the Jaymar Brace for 6 years now (the first brace for 5 years @ 35 odd games per year). I would honestly say it is a must for people with shoulder issues. I have had 2 shoulder reconstructions in 01 and 02 and would not step into any contact training or game without wearing it."
- Justin Collins (Blues Super Rugby Player, 1998-2009)

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